I am an addict. I love guns and gun sports and safety is goal number one. Along with safety goes competence. The first step is to get armed. It is your right. As with any right there are responsibilities. These include your obligation to be ready to defend yourself or others when that situation arises. Effectiveness is a product of practice.
Practice is the only way to improve our skills and the best practice is shooting on a practical shooting range. A static range is great to help us understand our gun. I have not spent as much time on the range has I need to but this will be changing. To that effect I spent this past Saturday shooting a classifier for IDPA.



As you can see this is not your local range. The advantage of this shooting experience is that it presents a more realistic use case. This type of shooting is especially beneficial to those that carry concealed. If the time comes, and I would rather it not, we should be prepared for the fight.

IDPA is a wonderfully fun way of refining and acquiring the skills needed to defend yourself in a real world situation. I’d suggest you find your location IDPA certificated range and go have some fun. Don’t worry about your score on your first trip. Shoot, help and have fun.
I did not classify, but I cannot wait for my next shoot.