For those of us that love taking pictures there is nothing like a real camera. I currently own the canon 60D and it takes amazing pictures and video. The only problem is that sometimes you need to just take a picture. Sometimes I do not want to set up the frame. Most times I just want to point and shot. The truth is there are many great point and shoots.

My great discovery was the Nokia N95 8gb. Thanks to my little brother for the introduction to the excellent quality of Nokia camera phones. In  2007 the Nokia N95  took best in class video and stills  and today it is still better than most.  I am truly gutted that I gave mine away.  Fortunately Nokia continued to make some great camera phones which include the Nokia N8 and most recently the Nokia 808 Pureview.
As I look over my picture library I am amazed by the quality of both the N8 and the 808.
The 808 has many downsides as a modern smart phone, but video and still creation is not apart of that. I have been living with the stellar quality of the 808 for the last 3 weeks.  Wow! I love this device. Here are some unmodified pictures. Enjoy.

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After a long and mutually beneficial relationship Nokia and Symbian OS have come to the end of the road. The Board of Nokia after much pressure from outsiders decided to put Symbian out to pasture. On February 11, 2011 the new management relieved her of her duties and showed her the retirement path. As many of you know I was very disappointed and I am still in mourning. I mourn because the combination of Symbian and Nokia allowed me to pursue my loves. My name is Enzro Greenidge and I am a camera phone addict.

The merger of cellphone and camera has been one of the most innovative areas of recent consumer technology. Some may disagree with my assertion, but I stand firmly behind it. Do you own a DSLR? I own one, a canon 60D which I love and use often. However, the convenience of carrying your camera in your pocket is priceless. However, the truth is that this convenience is only of interest to you if you love taking pictures and I love taking pictures. The combination of top class photography and excellent cellphone technology is what I crave.

Since 2007 all my cellphones have been excellent cameras as well and my brand of choice is Nokia and the Symbian OS in particular. Symbian is old and clunky for some but to me she is like a great red wine, improving with age. In spite of her obvious deficiencies she still supports the best photography technology. I will likely be using a Symbian based camera phone until she expires.
I continue to be amazed by what can be done with a modern camera phone and have no patience for the runners-up. My killer app is the camera. Thanks Nokia, I’ll miss you when you are gone.