For the first time I truly understand why people of other belief systems are offended and sue when their kids are subjected to prayer in school. Recently I took my 3-year-old to daycare and she told me, “we don’t say happy holidays”. Without thinking and with the teacher looking on I said, “Honey its okay, say whatever you want because it doesn’t matter”. From the look on the faces around it was as if I had called for the killing of Christ. If you know me personally you will understand my views on Christmas.

Since I am not afraid to say what’s on my mind I nearly did, but I had to restrain myself. For the kid’s sake. I am already having a hard time de-programming the bovine defecation that is sold as holiday cheer. Santa? Why are you teaching my kid a myth. To round the day off the school sends home a note saying that Santa will be visiting the school and we should provide a gift but not tell the kids. Give me a break. Stop preparing our kids to be easy marks for the predators.

Alas I will send the gift but I will let them know that daddy and mommy sent the gifts. I will not be party to the deception of our kids. Every chance I get I speak the unvarnished truth. The truth hurts sometimes, but in the long run we are better for it. Like the proverb says, “tell the truth, tell it even, cost it what it will”, I’d like to follow that advice.

Myths have taken over American society. Our political class is intellectually dishonest and the people are following blindly. Teach your kids to be honest and they will succeed. God bless America.