The sound of music off in the distance was a gentle reminder of where I was waking up. I was back in my childhood bedroom and the day had started. The heavy drum line of the music was just what I needed to rouse me from a great night. The cool Sunday morning did not disappoint. I looked out the window and saw in the distance the rising sun just above the Caribbean Sea. The sounds of sound birds flavored the air with joy and anticipation. I opened the window and my ears were treated to the full cacophony of morning time in the countryside. My nose was filled with the smell of Sunday morning in rural Jamaica. I filled my lungs and remembered. I was transported back decades to my childhood. I could almost smell the wood fire and the roasted breadfruit. The scent of sauteed salt-fish and boiled ackee. The slight sharpness of the scotch bonnet pepper just above the scent of salt-fish.

The sun rose more quickly than I wanted it to and I could feel the heat. The birds started to disperse and the smell of food grew stronger. The aroma of cocoa tea made me smile and reminded me of all the advantages of growing up in a rural farming community. The music off in the distance diminished and the chatter of farmers taking out life stock became the background. The bleat of goats and the moo of cows off in the distance. I was happy to be home. Missing some of the conveniences of the big city was worth it. I loved my rural up-bringing and would not trade it for anything in the world.


Does music make you happy? I think we all get great enjoyment from music. Not just from the words, but from the whole composition. The ability to be transported to worlds unknown is open to us all if we just allow it. Music will make us think and sway. Music will change or mood and can make every day better. Make your day better by putting together the correct mix. With the advent of music streaming services we all have great options. First things first. If you want to hear your music like you have never before please discard the ear buds that came with your cellphone. Most cellphones will do a pretty good job of bring the content to you but the headphones are a disgrace. Do some research and invest in a good quality headphone. That does not mean BEATS.

Headphones: This is my short list.
Audio-Technica ATH-M50X
Monoprice 108323
BeoPlay H6 Natural Leather

What streaming service: This is my short list.
Nokia Mix radio

Go explore and let the music move you.


I never leave home without a good pair of headphones. How I came into that habit I am not sure. It may have something to do with growing up around great music, even if it was conservative christian music. The exposure to wonderful sounds is an experience unto itself.
The joy of music is universal and the very universality is why we don’t need to understand the words to enjoy the experience. If you need the words you have not understood the power of music.
The language of music is as universal as mathematics. The communication of meaning is not about the rote definition of the words. It is about the resonance of the beat in you brain. It is about the translation of the physical to the digital. We are by nature digital, and the emotion of good music is translated without regard to the dictionary.
We all have the beat in us. We all have rhythm. Like with every other part of life the question is a matter of nutrition. Have you been exposed to a diverse musical palate? If you were, the beat is there. The beat is there, just feel it. Just catch the beat, move with it and stop being ashamed.