Life is what we make of it. It is short and turbulent, then it is over. The question of what comes next has been and will continue to be asked by the many with no really fulfilling answer to the had. For the religious the answer is often clear while not really clarifying. Humanity continues to look to the skies for our salvation. Some see a maker and some see the origins. Whatever you see, if that comforts you it is good enough. No one has a complete or even a near complete answer.
The joy of life is in the living. Live well and make others happy. Live well by making yourself happy. Live fully and experience the creator. Live fully because our conscious time in the universe is short, it is like a minor wrinkle. Our years cannot be compared to the vast time scale of the cosmos, our time can only be remembered for how we lived it. There is only the past and future, live life well and leave or create joy in another heart. It is in creating joy that we can change the direction of the universe. Our atoms will be reused when we no longer need them and we will not know any better because this is the true nature of all life. We arrived, we depart and we are forgotten. Let’s live our time not trying to be remembered, but live it to create memories.


I am a father, what now? I hope you have asked yourself that question at least once. Furthermore, I hope you have gotten an answer that works for you. As a son I thought that Father’s Day was a time to acknowledge all the things that my father has done and continues to do for me.  Now that I am a father I  have a clearer vision of what Father’s Day should be about.
Firstly it truly takes a village, for no man is an island. So, I have to give thanks to all the father figures in my life. Many have passed on but their influence on me is forever. From them I learnt how to be respectful to women. I learnt the meaning and virtue of hard work and the joys of setting and achieving a goal. Most importantly I learnt that as a father my most important asset is my family. I learnt that I must value my wife and treat her well. Why? Because my example is the treatment my daughters will look for in a partner. If you want good things for your children treat their mother like the queen she is. Be a good example for your children.
Being a father to daughters I strive to be their rock and example. I take Father’s Day as the once a year when I look at my performance and honestly grade myself on how well I am doing my duty as a father. My job as a father to daughters is to make sure my girls are strong successful women. I cannot guarantee anything, but I can do my duty well and give them the skills needed to navigate the choppy waters of life. That sir is your duty. Happy Father’s Day dads. Take your kids out and show them a good time. Create some memories.