Memorial Day – A Celebration of Life.

As we celebrate Memorial Day lets us all take a deep breath and look at those around us. Celebrate with remembrance. I would like to suggest that we continue to remember those who are struggling as much as we celebrate the fallen. The fallen are a reminder of how terrible we can be to each other and a caution to us all. Let us not lose focus, we celebrate because some were taken before their time.

Let us celebrate life and work to preserve our essential freedoms without the need for the loss of life. Let us celebrate nature and the circle of life. Happy Memorial Day to all.


One of the most expensive projects in US history was the highway system. This system we all use was born out of the need to rescue the country from the disarray of the private road systems around the country. The private system was expensive for citizens and did not interconnect well. This is where a national government can be helpful. The Federal government took the responsibility and created a system that works. Could you live without it? Do you think the US economy would have been as robust over the last 70 years if there was no easy way to move between large population centers? Do you think it is a great idea to not invest in our country?

Another bridge as collapsed. What are we doing about our failing infrastructure? Those in the political class attempting to return us to the days of privately owned community use infrastructure must be ignorant of history or delight in the prospect of making a profit at the expense of the country. Let us stop complaining about the Chinese owning everything  and start making the hard decisions and invest in the infrastructure that will create long-term success. Let us all remember and celebrate the sacrifices of our veterans by continuing to build an America that works for all. Short-term profits are great, except when it blinds you to long-term failure.