The complexity of the concept of love cannot be overstated.  In the English language the complex emotions and attributes associated with love makes a concrete definition impossible. The truth is, there is no concrete definition of love because the English language  word is an amalgam of concepts which would be better represented by several words. A good example is the various related words in Greek that together broadly represent the English language concept of love. Love for persons, places or things.

With this in mind I would suggest a simple definition put forward by Irwin Federman, ” People love others not for who they are, but for how they make them feel”. So, love is how you make me feel. If I feel good to be around you and if you feel good knowing that I  am in your life, that is love. This love expects all sides to put in some effort and all sides to get rewarded.

We are a biochemical species and every action of our bodies can be traced to a biochemical impulse.  So, if our “feelings” are a biochemical construct, love is a chemical response that cannot easily be turned on and off. It is a chemical response to the behaviour of the people around us. If you make me feel good then I am going to love you. What happens if you stop doing the things that makes me feel good? Will those chemical pathways become weaker with time?
If you accept the biochemical nature and basis of love then the extrapolation is that love can be created in the lab. Love potions may not be science fiction after all.

How much would you be willing to pay for that potion? Would it be ethical to produce and sell such a product?


So you want to lose weight. It is as ease as eating cake. Now go do it.
There is no mystery, it is all hype used to encourage us to buy a program. The key to weight loss is mental conditioning. Train your mind, change your attitude and your body will follow.

Before you decide to start that expensive program dig deep and do some research. Read, read and read some more. Get a medical physiology book and read about how the body works. How does the food we eat get converted to the building blocks of our body. Then trash those other books you bought.
Next,  get weighed and check your blood pressure. Don’t buy a scale it’s a waste of money. If you have heart disease let your Doctor know that you are planning on changing your life. Don’t ask for approval, he knows less than you do. Just do it.

Go cold turkey. Dump the crap from your fridge. Don’t have more than a weeks worth of food in your fridge. Your diet should consist of fruits, veggie, beans and legumes. If you want to have meat, don’t eat more than once or twice per week. Stop eating out and don’t add sugar to anything.

Next, move more and sit less. Select something you like and work hard. Workout for 35 minutes minimum 3 days a week. Workout at 80% of maximum. If you can talk comfortably you are not working hard enough.

After the first 6 weeks check your blood pressure. Remember, the mind will always quit before the body.
Now do it.