As a society we have and continue to be beset by many addictions. Some of these are more problematic than others. The essential question is what constitutes a tolerable addiction. I suggest that we have a highly immortal relationship with addicts and addiction in general. I further suggest that if we truly examine the definition of addiction we would quickly reconsider our methods. I hope you will at least consider a re-examination of our cultural stand.
The essential addiction of affluent societies is affluence itself and the indulgences that are attendant. The most problematic of which is our addiction to poor food choices. We all know what best food practice is but we have not organized our cultures to make those choices palatable or convenient.
The  road to affluence is paved by a brisk market of buyers and sellers that provides goods and services at optimal times, place and cost. The pressure to succeed in the marketplace can led to dubious choices, both from the point of view of the producer and consumer. Market pressure has not so far encouraged the easy and convenient availability of healthy choices. The problem here is that the market is about maximum profit, not healthy choices. Furthermore, the consumer does not know how to influence the availability of better options. This juxtaposition of circumstances has led to the situation we are in today.

We are indulgent to the death of us. We eat poorly and excessively. These choices are not accidental. We continue to consume excessively in spite of the consequences of obesity and poor health. This is the definition of addiction. I suggest that out most problematic addiction is to food. Let’s start addressing this addiction by closing our mouth and using our dollars more prudently.


Thanks to my parents watching the news was a required part of my childhood. I was that kid that hid the radio under his sheets and listened to talk radio. Still today I prefer to listen to talk radio. My day would be incomplete without watching the news. I would miss the rush of learning something new. The quest for knowledge was on going and veracious. I needed it like an addict. At least for many years I felt that way.

Looking back I am happy that knowledge was and continues to be my primary addiction. These days I have come to realize that I was never addicted to the news, but to the new knowledge presented. Sadly the news does not present much in inspiring new knowledge these days. So I have taken my quest for knowledge to the internet. It is now a DIY news world. I am loving it.  No need to wait for the news cast. I can go out there and find it whenever I need a fix. Yes, I need that fix often. We are all addicts.

I still crave the experience of sitting down in front of the TV with family and watching the evening news. I still want that experience, but I no longer can get the high. Maybe, it takes more for me to get high these days. I need the news to be as inspiring as I remember it being. Maybe my memory is flawed and the news has always been this shallow. But I need it to be more.

I am sure I am not the only one who has lost faith in the evening news.They do have a chance to recover their once unassailable statue. This will occur if newscasters become more credible. If they do more that parroting the words and show some depth. Give us more than 5 minutes on the important topics of the day. Give us the unfiltered truth. We do not need to know your opinion. Give us a full ad free newscast. Give me the context and let me decide. We are smarter than you give us credit for. Like an addict I still go back to the evening news expecting that high. I know it is not there, but I am an addict. I dream of the high. It will return. I am sure of it.
What is your addiction?