Why I vote.

We have not come far enough. The first African arrived in America aka the colonies in 1619. First considered as common animals with validation from the “Holy Bible.” Then 200 plus years later we got freedom from the chain but were told we were not citizens, after more than 200 years on this land. They told us that ” no white man is required to believe anything a black person says.” We build the country and defended the country and died for equal right to vote. Today, so-called “woke” negroes want us not to vote. Those individuals have been blinded, by the lies told to white Americans. Too many of us believe that slavery just happened, that Africans were to blame as much as the plantation owners. If you are among those people, please read a book. Turn off your television, you may be informed, but you are uneducated. Educated yourselves. Vote, teach your kids to read, teach your kids math and science. Demand better education. I don’t care how hard you work, make time to know what is required for your child to make it. Our ancestor did that much for us. Others may not have to work as hard, but we to whom much as been taken and little given most overcome. We will not overcome by praying to their god. We will overcome when we grab hold of our country. When we refuse to the coned into believing that somehow we don’t have a right to all the benefits of the country our ancestors built. Grad hold, take no prisoners. Don’t be embarrassed, by embarrassing those whose ancestors treated us like cattle and dehumanized us. Don’t ever let anyone forget that for the majority our great country’s history we have been oppressed, repressed, demeaned and sacrificed. Push back and dismiss those who profess ignorance. Our cause is true, and our time will come, let us prepare our offspring to enjoy our success while fighting for our country’s fulfillment of her promise of equality and justice for all.

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