What’s Your Mantra?

Religion as known this for millennia. Chants are a powerful way to train the mind. For weight loss and wellness to be a maintained we have to change our lifestyles for the long-run. The change needed is antithetical the direct our society wants us to live.  The choice infrastructure of our society is such that we consume more than we think.

Our society is functionly illerate, we read without comprehension and are easily misled, by the “shiny” toys being sold. Mantras are one of those shiny toys, but there is ample evidence to suggest there is power there.

Every time I am tempted to make the wrong food choice I repeat my mantra, “I will eat well today.”

What’s your mantra? Find one and say it often.


one of my favorites

Enzro Greenidge

The room was still dark, but the gentle climb of my alarm could be heard. It heralded the last job of my trip. The near return to reality was welcomed and abhorred in equal measure. I rolled over to find an empty bed, just the way it was when I got in. The thought of coffee was driving me to get out of bed. Unfortunately my nostrils were not tickled by the usual morning scent of my strong coffee brew. It was a reminder that I was in a lonely hotel room. I missed my own bed, but more so I was missing my automated coffee maker. My alarm had stopped and restarted before I could get the energy to pluck myself out of bed. Suddenly the room and bed were not as warm. The combination of cold room and comfortable bedding was keep me static. I finally convinced myself…

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Bad Advice

Bad advice is everywhere. It is your job to find it and discard it. In the world of diet and weightloss, poor quality information is a scourge.

If we don’t want to be trapped by the purveyors of “crap” we need to educate ourselves. Read, read and read some more. Making better choices is about high-quality data. Learning how to find high-quality data is key, not just for diet but for life in general.

With that in mind start here. Go to google and read about insulin and read about sleep quality and quantity. Only after we are convinced of the validity of the information I am presenting will you own it and follow it.

Without ownership, it is too easy to be lead astray. Keep focused, keep learning and just do it.

Filling it out.

Stop making goals and make changes. Go to bed on time. Eat less. Eat better.

As we do the necessary, the results will come. Making great choices is about our choice infrastructure. What is choice infrastructure? Those things around us that influence our decisions without us being consciously aware.

Clean up your surroundings, and you will do better. Errors are not about individuals, poor judgment is a community affair.

Let’s Eat

How we eat and what we eat is crucial to managing our weight. The current advice is skinny on facts and heavy on opinion. The myths and folklore that surrounds food are killing us.

I suggest, and the data are supportive of a low-calorie diet that is overweighted with plant-based components.

Divide your plate into fourths. Half should be leafy vegetables. One-quarter fruit and the final quarter a protein option. Each component should be no larger than your fist.


Yesterday I made conflicting claims. I said I’d talk about what to eat and sleep. Both are connected. Both are vital to better well-being.

I will start at the beginning. Sleep rules all. Sleep is the most important activity to recovery and efficient function of the human body. We are remarkable beings.

The evidence is clear about the necessity of sleep. Sleep needs to be deep and restful. It needs to be somewhere about 7-8 hours.

Start by setting your clock for 1 hour before bedtime. Turn the lights down, turn off the TV or computer. Turn the temperature down. Wear comfortable clothes. Keep the room as dark as possible.

You should fall asleep within 15 minutes. If you have trouble falling asleep, consider low-volume relaxing music. If you use music, set a sleep timer for no more than 30 minutes.

Limit daytime naps to no more than 30 minutes.

A good night of sleep will decrease your stress the next day. The decreased stress means decreasing the hormones that could increase your cravings. Adequate sleep decreases food cravings.

Without those cravings, making good food choices is a much easier task. Our bodies are remarkable machines. We must begin to understand and work with the rhythms to achieve our goals. Adequate sleep is the beginning of taking control of your biology. It’s not about will power.

Let’s master the rhythms of our bodies and attain our goals.

Schedule Your Life for Better Living.

This is a just a quick post to show how I schedule my meals. Next we will talk about what to eat.

First, breakfast is not the best or most important meal of the day. Have your tea, coffee or water. You will be hungry between 11am and 1 pm. Eat.

You should be hungry again 3 to 4 hours later. Snack on 1 or 2 fruits or nuts.

Dinner should be about 6pm. Snack on nuts before bed.

Get 7-8 hours of sleep and start the next day well rest. Rest is the most important component of eating well and improved well-being.

Let’s do this. Tomorrow we will discuss how to get better sleep.

Can You Cure Your Diabetes?

I have been talking to anyone who would listen about weight management and well-being. The number one health threat in the coming century is obesity. Obesity too often is seen as an attractiveness quotient. The impact of obesity far exceeds just outward appearance. Obesity puts us all at increased risk of various diseases.

The disease risk is seen by many as a problem only in rich countries, but we are all getting more affluent. Poverty around the world has precipitously fallen over the last half-century, and conversely, obesity has increased. These changing patterns have given more options as to the content of the diet to many more people around the world. The current food trends have many focused on organic and “all-natural,” both foci have no real meaning and have allowed food companies and business interests to extract money from us without providing improved health options. The real problem is not chemicals or GMO’s. It is calorie count.

There are very few instances where increase bodyweight is not a direct factor of increase caloric consumption. Calories count. Understanding the science of digestion and how the body uses the food inputs is great; however, that understanding is only beneficial if we can count. Yes, counting calories matter. Bodyweight control is a math problem. Unfortunately, both popular and fringe food media have sold us out to commercial interests. Those interests are not limited to mega-corporations, but also to the feel-good all natural con artists. These people are leeches on an uneducated distracted society. Has America become less obese over the time that the all-natural, organic crowd has risen to prominence? Some will answer by saying that not enough people have changed to this new way of eating. Unfortunately, too many have. Too many have made poor choices. These are our bodies let’s educate ourselves and take full control. Do not be misdirected.

How do we get control? Let’s just do it! We need to change how we eat. The rapid rise in obesity is leading to an increase in diabetes and is increasing cancer risk. Consider the increase in breast cancer and the concomitant rise in obesity. The evidence may only the coincidental but needs closer examination. We cannot wait for some magic pill.

I have seen enough clear-cut evidence. Obesity is a health risk. How we handle it will have a profound impact on the prospects of our country. I am starting a journey today. I will get to my idea bodyweight before the year is out. I will give daily specific advice on how to get there to anyone that asks. If you have diabetes, you can reverse and control your disease with diet only.

If you are ready for the hard work and the joy of success, join me. I will share my daily routine. Let’s lose some weight, feel better and cure your diabetes.

Only Shoot The Messenger If She Is Black.

It has been a long time since I’ve seen the media in our country united. This show of consistency across all outlets and political opinion is remarkable. We need to bottle this unity. The media needs to tell the truth and be consistent in doing so. Unfortunately, our media is not consistent in how we treat information and most problematically even more inconsistent about how we treat individuals. Consistently, the messenger is reported on, not the message. The last several days have been a great example of shooting the messenger, and there are no consequences for the shooter. Nothing new there.

The consistent inconsistency is in the treatment of people of color, particularly black Americans. We are shot without consequences, both literally and figuratively. The most recent victim doesn’t have clean hands but, does that mean the message is less valid? Like the many victims in our community who get shot, a set of justifications is being cobbled together. The story is evolving and advancing like it always does. Shooting the black messenger is okay. So, what of the message?

In the 1800’s the US court system said asserted that there are no rights of a black person a white person is obligated to uphold. There it is. Our current President is White, a liar, cheat, racist and still vast segments of our fellow citizens believe every word that drops from his lips. The media in totality treat him with deference for only one reason. He is white. Both right and left believe in the doctrine of white supremacy. Like religious denominations, they believe in the magical virgin birth but differ on the minor questions. The media is a white supremacy tool. Individuals across the spectrum vary widely in their individual views and racists tendency but, the institution is racist. If you are asking how I’ve come to that conclusion you have not being attentive to the history of our great nation.

Our history is littered with the corpses of Black Americans for whom no media outlet cares enough to speak the truth. Yes, that claim can be made for all groups. However, I assert we are the only group that cannot be redefined as “white.” The definition of who can be in the fictional club of “white” continues to change and is a moving target because only one group was meant to be excluded, Black Americans.

As a black American, I watched her in the first season of that show and made my mind up that she was not an ethically conscious person but, it’s reality TV and only conflict real or fictional sells. As someone with a science background, I am inclined to look for the facts and give less weight to opinions. I am sad to see us giving equal weight to fact as compared to opinion.

She is aware of her reputation and personally acquainted with the lack of credibility of her President. She is mindful of the deference he receives despite his weak relationship with facts. She did what was necessary and vital. She recorded the liars. There likely will be an attempt to prosecute her. The facts will be ignored because there is no statement from a black person that a white person is obliged to believe. The danger to our republic is great. White supremacy trumps facts, as long as someone of color presents the facts.

Does this messenger have any less credibility? Is she any more a liar that the President’s other mouthpieces? Why are they given deference? Are they any more competent? I will assert on all counts that they are no better. Why the voracious evisceration of her? Yes, we know why.

On March 6, 1857, Chief Justice Roger Taney, wrote “[African Americans] had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations; and so far inferior, that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect; and that the negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit. He was bought and sold, and treated as an ordinary article of merchandise and traffic, whenever a profit could be made by it. ”

The current state of affairs has not changed enough.



No boundries

History has a way of living forever. It’s effect at least. For people of color, this is very significant.

The early nineteenth-century effort of the government to create a segregated community of advantaged whites and disadvantaged blacks has succeeded. This history is ignore and not taught. The story is that we are lazy and have bad spending habits. All that may or may not be the truth, but it does not make any less disadvantageous the deliberate government policy of segregation.

Our elected democratic governments under both parties have insisted on and enforced bank lending to avoid giving loans to African Americans. The history is clear and those that ignore it or bad for our community.  Knowledge is power and how we use this knowledge can either destroy us or allow our children to take an equal footing in country.

We are disadvantage, let’s not be limited by it.