SCOTUS and the bigotry of tribalism.

Our country is being slow-walked toward the edge of disaster. As a father of daughters, the most pressing issue to me is that of choice. I am working hard to give them an education so that they can have financial freedom. Without economic freedom, there is no other freedom. Money provides options and opportunities. The poor are not poor because of last of character. Having options, most importantly those your parents can provide are vital.  Success is about preparation meeting opportunity. For the women of this country, the direction of the political class both women and men are driving the opportunities for women to have freedom and control over their bodies back to the great days before Roe vs. Wade. Women losing choices is just one way of making America great again.

Disagreeing with me is your prerogative. However, it is my responsibility to my girls to fight for their right to choose and to direct their lives as they see fit. The current direction of the supreme court is clear. Roe vs. Wade is likely to be reversed, and our daughters will have fewer choices. Many women are ok with removing the ability of others to make decisions that they disagree with. As a father of daughters, I am not ok with my daughters having few choices. As free and independent beings they and not the government should have control over their biology. I may not agree with their choices, but that doesn’t mean I should remove their ability to choose.

As mentioned above, money gives freedom and as affirmed by the Supreme Court of the U.S. money equals speech. Predictably those with more money will have more speech and in our political system speech is a proxy for freedom. As SCOTUS moves toward a likely reversal of Roe those without as much speech, i.e., less money will be the ones most affected. In our country that usually equates to poor women and most acutely women of color.

Sadly, many in communities of color have put their religious views above their communities and wish to impose their beliefs on others without thinking out the full consequences of those actions on themselves and family. Worse, some are only looking out for their “tribe” not realizing that they too will be victims on another day.  The bigotry of tribalism is killing us all.



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