The new school year starts with that optimism that is potentially infectious. Our children love learning and helping them learn is the primary job of their schools. The challenge is to present a plan and educational approach that brings the best out of all our children. How we do that is not as important as the philosophy of the system. The primary tool is between our ears.

The training of our bodies for athletic improvement is one of ever greater physical challenge and our brains are just another muscle. Only via challenging exercise can we have growth. The current obsession with providing advance programs in schools is commendable, but is missing the point of advanced programs. The focus as devolved into an attempt to promote and glorify the early learners. We are missing the biggest lesson of advanced programs. Our children can handle the challenge. What is missing is the capacity of the system to provide challenge to all our children. All our children will excel if we provide the challenge needed to grow their brain capacity. The is no genetics that provides advanced learning skills. Those skills are a result of the milieu to which our children are exposed. If expectations are high for all our children and the bar is set high for all we can achieve great things.

The constant excuse is that children arrive unprepared. It is a poor  excuse. The function of school is to mold and challenge the brains of our children. How we express that challenge is less important that the fact that challenge is provided. The goal is to provide a platform of learning. The current en vogue system is for bringing computers into our schools. Computers are a commendable introduction and like with all tools the approach to their use is the only important factor. The hardware should be cost-effective and our children should be allowed to break and repair them. Learning how to take care of the hardware develops confidence in a meaningful way. If the cost of the systems are low it provides the system with savings that can be better applied. Learning is about having the confidence to explore and fail. Failing in a supportive, constructive environment is where the most learning takes place. Failing at tasks in a system where the expectation is that all will succeed is the real challenge all our children need this new school year. Working hard to overcome failure is the best part of school. Let us provide that safe environment for success for all our children.

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