Why Do Teachers Leave?

Well underestimate the challenges of many jobs, in the classroom it leads to significant future problems.


Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition.”  – Jacques Barzun.

Many new teachers and the general public seriously underestimate the myriad challenges which teachers face everyday.  They do not really understand the variables and the complexities of the instructional process and the high level of bureaucracy in the teaching profession.  Teaching is difficult and is becoming even more so.  Some new teachers find themselves isolated in their classrooms after being thrown in at the proverbial deep end and left to sink or swim.  At times they are reluctant to seek help and mentorship is not always available.

The National Center for Education Statistics (U.S.) found that in 2005, 20% of new public school teachers and 16% of private school teachers left the teaching profession.  Retirement only accounted for 30% of the departures in that year.  70% of the teachers who left had…

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