As the world stands by and watches the flames of conflict I am saddened. I am saddened because humanity continues to destroy ourselves. We continue to sow the seeds of distrust and anger among our children. We seem not to be able to remember the pain that we have endured. We call on others to pursue peace as we beat the drums of war. How can peace be attained while retribution is supported? How can we support the process of peace while developing the means of war?

Some will say that war will always be with us. The truth is more complex and challenging than that simple statement. War will be with us as long as our leaders are cowards. As long as our leaders behave like street thugs, but are not held to the same rules. The problem is, there is no one to hold the powerful to the same  rules as the weak are held. Fundamentally the thugs that rule world politics are rich in resources both monetary and civic. They are primarily rich in civic resources. Powerful people support the slaughter and protect the barbaric.

We wonder why young educated and economically stable people join in the barbarism of conflicts all over the world. That questions is only asked by the morally deprived. I was brought up with a deep moral compass, in a country that has a longstanding history of supporting the “little” guy. The sun and fun of Jamaica was always equally matched by our deep mistrust of world powers, because we have suffer at the hands of the powerful. The powerful will always abuse the weak as long as the weak allow it. The arc of history is long and today’s victory for the morally deprave will turn into tomorrows sadness.

Many of us, and I include myself have long ago stopped being attentive to the many slaughters on the world stage. We have stopped paying attention because our anger has no outlet. We have joined the ranks of those that have chosen to deliberately not follow the happens in the world. We have stopped watching because the answers are obvious but will never be acted on. The powerful are amoral and the killing of non-combatants has become acceptable. We have stopped watching because there is no one willing to call out the complicity of those that pretend to represent us.

I have stopped watching because it makes me angry. I will not allow my anger to push me into the world of the depraved. I will not become a statistic.


  1. Yes, the powerful usually does what the powerful feels like doing. Yesterday, I tried to wash a lizard down the sink in the kitchen at the office. In Florida, it is illegal to kill lizards ( yes, it is) but it was in my sink!!! After about two minutes of trying, I decided that even though I could because I JUST COULD, I would not wash the little lizard down the sink … to his death. Why? it was doing what it was created to do. It did nothing wrong. It did not hurt me. It did not put my life in jeopardy. I didn’t especially like it in my sink, but disliking it or it being in my sink was not a plausible reason to eliminate the lizard.

    I restrained my disgust of the little lizard being in my sink (if it were outside that would be just fine with me). Instead, I thought of the many ways in which lizards are an asset to human existence: They eat roaches, etc. If there is a lizard indoors, roaches won’t dare enter. I stopped the water, it shook its head and I knew it was still alive. If it got in, It can find its way out. My sink, my lizard. We can co-exist. I walked away.

    Later when I was doing my final rounds before leaving the office, I checked the kitchen sink. There was no lizard. Thank goodness! I did not kill it just because I could. I felt relieved and empowered. I was happy.

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