Another four years have passed and we are here again. The biggest sporting event in the world is here. The only truly worldwide event is here. The world cup is on and it is the only thing in the world that matters. The beautiful game on its grandest stage. The world cup is being played in the land of the kings and we the devout are kneeling at her alter. For every kid everywhere in the world, except for America there is only one sport that really matters.  It is not soccer, it is football. It is the game that is played with the foot and an actual ball. If you have not been introduced to the beautiful game I suggest you start paying attention. Find your television and enjoy. Brasil is hosting the gods of football. All other sports are insignificant and not deserving of your attention. The beauty of the game is in its flaws. The referees often make mistakes and the gods are not perfect. Therein lies the joy of watching. It can be infuriating, but the team that scores the most goals win. We know the flaws, but we are devout. We watch for the beauty of the dance. This is the heart of football, go out and score goals.

For those of us privileged to have been born into this most wonderful religion, the world cup is the second coming that comes every four years. The true believers love the dance more that score. We want fair play but we are not hung up on it. We applaud the team that expresses the most arrogance, not necessarily the winners. The converts are fervent but mostly miss the point of the dance. They often do not realize that it is about the dance  not the outcome. The converts need fairness and goals, while the true believers need only to watch the ballerina. We, the true believers are satisfied with watching the dancer be expressive and entertaining. To the true believers it is important that there is fairness, but it is not a prerequisite for an enjoyable game.

The joy of football is in understanding that the ball is round and that any team can win at anytime. This is why we watch. Scoring is rarely about the goal, it is mostly about the intricacy of the play before the final kick. Football is a religion not hung up on fairness. It is placated by the spells of athleticism and fluidity that leaves hearts racing. The controversy of poor officiating as always been there and I hope and pray never goes away, lest we have nothing to talk about but the score. The beautiful game is not about the score, but about the dance that enables the score.

Turn your television on and bow at the altar. You will be better for it.

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