How are you paying for college?

I have been thinking lately and even better I have been doing. I have followed a friends foot steps and taken a leap. I finally signed up for a college savings plan for my 4-year-old daughter. I have been researching the options since her birth but never made a commitment. This week I finally did it. The Florida Prepaid plan is a great means to save for your child. The website is well laid out and even easier to use. It was a pleasure to use until I noticed the monthly cost for a the 5 year plan to purchase a 4 year university education. I finalized the plan and scolded myself for having not done it much earlier. The value afforded by paying now far outweighs the costs.

I would suggest that you not wait until you have the spare cash, because you will never have the spare cash. Just do it. Cut back on something now so you can have some peace of mind later. I will start the plan for my 3-year-old daughter a little later, but the goal is to complete payment before either of them turns 10 years old. It will be a challenge but one I take on gladly.

Have you made those college plans yet? The enrollment window is closed here in Florida, but I would suggest you plan and take the leap next time around.

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