One of the most expensive projects in US history was the highway system. Could you live without it? Do you think the US economy would have been as robust over the last 70 years if there was no easy way to move between large population centers? What do you think of railroads? Do you think it is a great idea for government to not invest in the country? Lets be thankful for the past investments and continue to support great projects for the future.

Let’s stop complaining about the Chinese owning everything and start making the hard decisions and invest in the infrastructure that will create long-term jobs. Short-term profits are great, except when it blinds you to long-term failure.

As we have celebrated Thanksgiving we must remember that great challenges were surmounted to produce this experiment we call America. We need to be thankful for the efforts and for the challenges. We need to be reminded that keeping a country together is hard work. We need to be thankful that we have had leaders with vision. We are great not because “God” ordained it, we are great because we believe in hard work and dedication to task. We will continue to be great if we continue to remember that hard work is the basis of success.
Let us celebrate our similarities and acknowledge our differences as we give thanks.

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