My girls have the habit of walking up to me and saying “I love you dad”. It melts my heart every time. The first time it happened I was about to ask Sarah what she wanted, but she just gave me a hug and walked away. A few days later Samantha did the same and did not ask for a treat or anything else. It got me thinking, do I express my love for them enough? I hope I do. Each night that I put them to bed I tell them I love them. It as become routine. I give them a shower, help them brush their teeth, floss, listen to some music read a story and tell then, I love you. I then turn the lights out and sitting with them until they fall asleep. It is like clock work. It is my predictable routine.
Recently something has changed. I am not sure what. As I have been reviewing my large collection of pictures, of which they are the primary subjects, I can observe the change from birth to now. They have grown a lot without us noticing.
Most of all I have learned that my life would be much less rich without them. I love them not because they love me. I love them because they are my everything.

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