It is November and the year is almost over and in my review so far I am not quite pleased with my progress. The truth is, it has been a very successful year. However, I am that person who while enjoying the wins will always see the losses as failures. I often have to remind myself that a loss is not a failure, it is an opportunity to succeed. A failure would be to not examine my losses, while success is in not taking a win too seriously.

The year so far has been a challenge, but I have learned a lot about myself. My princesses have been wonderfully curious and resilient. I could not have asked more of them. Each time I think they would break they bend and rebounded. I will always worry about them, but I can see the traits in them that will ensure that they are leaders and not followers. I hope to continue to allow them to speak their minds in spite of the consequences. I hope to be patient and allow them the room to develop. My wonderful queen is as strong as I had believed her to be and I will always be here for her.

This has been a wonderful year of learning and although all my goals have not being achieved I have benefited from the experience. We all still have about 55 days left in the year. There is still time to complete those tasks. I have a few to complete, but my year has already been a success. My family still gives me joy. Smile, it will be alright.

My only goal for next year is to get more sleep. What will be your goal?

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