I never leave home without a good pair of headphones. How I came into that habit I am not sure. It may have something to do with growing up around great music, even if it was conservative christian music. The exposure to wonderful sounds is an experience unto itself.
The joy of music is universal and the very universality is why we don’t need to understand the words to enjoy the experience. If you need the words you have not understood the power of music.
The language of music is as universal as mathematics. The communication of meaning is not about the rote definition of the words. It is about the resonance of the beat in you brain. It is about the translation of the physical to the digital. We are by nature digital, and the emotion of good music is translated without regard to the dictionary.
We all have the beat in us. We all have rhythm. Like with every other part of life the question is a matter of nutrition. Have you been exposed to a diverse musical palate? If you were, the beat is there. The beat is there, just feel it. Just catch the beat, move with it and stop being ashamed.

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