Life is what we make of it. It is short and turbulent, then it is over. The question of what comes next has been and will continue to be asked by the many with no really fulfilling answer to the had. For the religious the answer is often clear while not really clarifying. Humanity continues to look to the skies for our salvation. Some see a maker and some see the origins. Whatever you see, if that comforts you it is good enough. No one has a complete or even a near complete answer.
The joy of life is in the living. Live well and make others happy. Live well by making yourself happy. Live fully and experience the creator. Live fully because our conscious time in the universe is short, it is like a minor wrinkle. Our years cannot be compared to the vast time scale of the cosmos, our time can only be remembered for how we lived it. There is only the past and future, live life well and leave or create joy in another heart. It is in creating joy that we can change the direction of the universe. Our atoms will be reused when we no longer need them and we will not know any better because this is the true nature of all life. We arrived, we depart and we are forgotten. Let’s live our time not trying to be remembered, but live it to create memories.


My girls have the habit of walking up to me and saying “I love you dad”. It melts my heart every time. The first time it happened I was about to ask Sarah what she wanted, but she just gave me a hug and walked away. A few days later Samantha did the same and did not ask for a treat or anything else. It got me thinking, do I express my love for them enough? I hope I do. Each night that I put them to bed I tell them I love them. It as become routine. I give them a shower, help them brush their teeth, floss, listen to some music read a story and tell then, I love you. I then turn the lights out and sitting with them until they fall asleep. It is like clock work. It is my predictable routine.
Recently something has changed. I am not sure what. As I have been reviewing my large collection of pictures, of which they are the primary subjects, I can observe the change from birth to now. They have grown a lot without us noticing.
Most of all I have learned that my life would be much less rich without them. I love them not because they love me. I love them because they are my everything.


It is November and the year is almost over and in my review so far I am not quite pleased with my progress. The truth is, it has been a very successful year. However, I am that person who while enjoying the wins will always see the losses as failures. I often have to remind myself that a loss is not a failure, it is an opportunity to succeed. A failure would be to not examine my losses, while success is in not taking a win too seriously.

The year so far has been a challenge, but I have learned a lot about myself. My princesses have been wonderfully curious and resilient. I could not have asked more of them. Each time I think they would break they bend and rebounded. I will always worry about them, but I can see the traits in them that will ensure that they are leaders and not followers. I hope to continue to allow them to speak their minds in spite of the consequences. I hope to be patient and allow them the room to develop. My wonderful queen is as strong as I had believed her to be and I will always be here for her.

This has been a wonderful year of learning and although all my goals have not being achieved I have benefited from the experience. We all still have about 55 days left in the year. There is still time to complete those tasks. I have a few to complete, but my year has already been a success. My family still gives me joy. Smile, it will be alright.

My only goal for next year is to get more sleep. What will be your goal?


I never leave home without a good pair of headphones. How I came into that habit I am not sure. It may have something to do with growing up around great music, even if it was conservative christian music. The exposure to wonderful sounds is an experience unto itself.
The joy of music is universal and the very universality is why we don’t need to understand the words to enjoy the experience. If you need the words you have not understood the power of music.
The language of music is as universal as mathematics. The communication of meaning is not about the rote definition of the words. It is about the resonance of the beat in you brain. It is about the translation of the physical to the digital. We are by nature digital, and the emotion of good music is translated without regard to the dictionary.
We all have the beat in us. We all have rhythm. Like with every other part of life the question is a matter of nutrition. Have you been exposed to a diverse musical palate? If you were, the beat is there. The beat is there, just feel it. Just catch the beat, move with it and stop being ashamed.