The march forward of human knowledge continues at an alarming pace. This in spite of the efforts of many in the political class. Science is continuing to shed sunshine into the dark places of myth and superstition. Although there is still much work yet to be done to cleanse humanity of petty and dangerous myths, we can have hope. We can have hope because the decreasing size of the global community affords even those in distance places the ability to enlighten themselves. Most strikingly, the young unencumbered by their parents constraints continue to push the boundaries.
The arrival of the computer age provides an avenue for the young and curious to explore without the rails of superstition.
We are living through a golden age of innovation, but most done realize it. Science is continuing to push the frontiers of knowledge and many believe that we know a lot about the world. Unfortunately, the truth is not as straightforward as we may think. For those on the front lines the void between what we think we know and what we would like to know grows with the more data points we attain. I would propose that as we push the boundaries we are awakening to how little we actually know. I would call our current position a kind of informed ignorance. I mean by that, that as science advances the natural world opens allowing us to realize its depth and breathe. As we advance we are confronted by the unmistakable conclusion that we truly are in the dark. This darkness prompts the curious to explore. The more we think we know, the more we realize we do not know. Knowing that, is more than half the battle.

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