Living in Florida is a great deal, not just for the sunshine and no state incomes taxes. It is a great deal just because you can get a discounted Disney annual pass. Yes, yes it’s still costly, but lets examine it. If you live within 2 hours of Disney World you can make it here for a day trip every weekend and still not see everything that the four main parks has to offer. Yes, yes there are travel sites that say you can see it all in a few days. If you do see it all in a few days you have missed the point. Vacation should be about seeing and doing enough with your family or whomever so the time passes without you noticing and without need to take time off to recover.

Please take it slowly. If like me you have toddlers just let them run around. Don’t drive them like cattle to every ride and show. Make sure they see enough, but mostly let them enjoy the atmosphere. Let them enjoy the crowds. Let them interact while waiting online or decide to walk away. Let them drive the day. Ask them what they want to do and do it. Give them a chance to grow. Hand them your camera and let them create some of the memories.

We have been to all four major parks and have not seen as much as others have, but I am sure we have enjoyed it more than most. I brought my canon 60D and have not used it once.  My Nokia Lumia 1020 has performed very well, even in the hands of my 4-year-old.

Checkout some of our pictures. WP_20130829_17_18_09_ProWP_20130829_17_15_34_ProWP_20130827_16_10_23_ProCan you spot the ones taken by my Sarah, my WP_20130828_18_41_52_ProWP_20130828_11_27_31_Pro4-year-old.WP_20130828_13_41_53_ProWP_20130830_14_55_00_ProWP_20130827_16_32_49_ProWP_20130829_12_25_21_ProWP_20130826_14_45_24_ProWP_20130829_17_56_01_ProWP_20130829_17_54_30_ProWP_20130829_13_05_35_ProWP_20130828_11_33_10_ProWP_20130827_16_21_24_ProWP_20130828_13_20_56_ProWP_20130828_13_05_27_ProWP_20130830_14_55_11_Pro WP_20130827_15_49_39_Pro WP_20130829_14_15_32_ProWP_20130829_12_27_33_Pro

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