“Sir, your team may have designed all our gear, and we are thankful, but we are here to complete a successful strike. Lets keep the chatter to a minimum.” I was disappointed with her attitude, but she was right. We had stopped within 5k of the target. This stop was to finalize the plan and get our last rest for the next 24 hours. Because we were so close to the target 2 members of the security team would stay awake while the rest of the team slept. I distributed 2 sets of tablets to all except Kathy and her communications officer, Mary. They got a single tablet.These were may direct contribution to the project and I was proud.
I was just as proud of my Mechanical Engineering degree but my first true love was biologic systems. I completed college with at least 3 degrees but only one was recognized. I did not complain because I needed the money and at a time when jobs were hard to come by I was promised a lifetime appointment with guaranteed college funding for 2 children. It was a great deal for the Consortium since I spent my PhD years working on developing these pills. My true PhD work was in nucleic acid control and I now have a better understanding of the Consortium’s generosity. These pills were the peak of my work and they were not likely ever going to be released to the public. After more than two hundred years since the double helix discovery we were still afraid of nucleic acids.

Sleep came quickly and the wake up just as fast. According to our watches we had been asleep for 2 hours, but it felt as if we just dozed off and had woken right away. The beauty of my work. I was very proud of the effects and quite disturbed at the side effects but most of us would never experience them. Kathy and Mary looked vigilant and were ready to go. We made ourselves ready. At the last-minute Kathy suggested we pray. The security team quickly lined up holding hands while my team looked blankly at them. We were not the religious types. We allowed them to do their bronze age thing. We checked our weapons and Kathy began to give final instructions.
“Mary will be turning on our implants right now. You and you alone will be able to hear your instructions. The controller will guide us in pairs to our target or targets. Once within 1k of the target we will be linked and the entire target map will be accessible to us all.” She fiddled with her gear for a moment.
“Make ready!”
The response was in unison, “Ready!”
“You’ll never run alone. Let’s run.”

For a second I felt as if the world went black, it did not last. Kathy and I started to move as a unit. Although I was nervous I felt a sense of pride because our work had made it out of the lab. The second of blackness was a momentary blackout in the system. It was the time need to reboot our brains and make the network connections. Many years before we had realized that the human brain was a powerful computer limited by low on board RAM. Many great neuroscientists had worked on improving utilization of the on board RAM. This was a losing proposition that set human evolution back for a century. One crazy low-level guy asked the question that needed to be asked. “Why can’t we just put more RAM in?” He answered his own question by inventing a method for installing more RAM into the human brain. He thought it was a great advance but the authorities did not see his vision. He lost all research grants and soon became a liability to his employer and was let go. I still remember that day. But my father was a dreamer and became even more driven to prove that his invention was feasible, reliable and worthy of further investment. He began to work in our garage and when money ran out he began to sell his inventions to support his preoccupation.

I loved him and it seemed that I was the only one in the household that was interested in his work. I would spend all my time with him in the garage. First I would just watch. I was the first person to hear all his new ideas. For months I would just sit and listen. I thought he was the smartest person alive and I still think he was. After months of me just being there he started to talk to me. He had me write equations and soon I was solving them and before I knew it I was coding. I stopped going to school and just took the quarterly assessments as required. I was the top student in the division. I finally got to the point that he thought I was ready to understand his ultimate plan and we started to talk about biologic systems. He called it wet engineering. I was back at the listening stage. I listened and understood most, but concluded that it was impossible. Then he disappear and my life was never the same. Over those years I had become very close to him. I started to believe that we could do anything and we did for a while. I took his loss very hard but instead of lashing out I retreated. I read more and studied less.

It was a little disconcerting to hear your thoughts and feel your body complete actions while simultaneously feeling like an observer. However disconcerting, it was highly effective. All of us were feeling the same emotional abstraction but we were fully aware of the moments. Another pulse, black, reboot and secondary RAM was engaged. We crossed within the 1k perimeter. Kathy and I now acting as a single unit as we crossed into the next phase. We ran at full speed toward the guard post without any attempt at camouflage. We were moving so fast and so accurate that the guards did not have time to respond. It was the same at all other engagement points. It was over within seconds. Kathy was in my head and she in mine. After the last guard post she allowed me access to her intel.
“From now on they will be expecting us.”
“How do you know that.”
“We had someone on the inside.”
“Yes, she is no longer there.”
“Okay, but how will they detect us.”
“They have a very sensitive sensor network.”
“How sensitive?”
“DNA sensitive.”
I should have known that. It was too late, the strike was beyond the abort point. The engagements became more challenging but we were ready and well prepared. For a unit that had never trained together, things were going as well as could be expected. For a moment I wondered how the other teams where doing. I lost focus and Kathy had to reorient me. As she did I felt the burn of a laser weapon on my left shoulder. My bodysuit sprung into action and I could feel the cold of the nano-particles going to work on the repair job. The initial pain was intense, but was gone within seconds. Fortunately the AI would acknowledge pain and start repairs but would not deviate from task. It had only been 5 minutes since we crossed the 1k perimeter and the entire team had made the rendezvous point. All targets had been neutralized and we were all in some stage of repair. The AI was still up and running at max capacity in spite of the less that optimal physical condition of the team.

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