The sun has been out everyday so far with just enough clouds to make the days perfect. Day 4 started like every other day. We awoke in a new country, showered, had coffee and prepared to disembark. The plan today was to find a cafe close to the port and just read and observe. I packed my laptop and a couple of books. As I waited for her I tried out my new bluetooth headset. The music quality was great. A few songs in she told me that she was not feeling well and would rather to stay onboard. I decided to decided to disembarked anyway.

I slung my backpack on and climbed down to the 8th floor where I joined the line to disembark. Once off the boat I walked directly to the bright red Toyota taxi. She was very attractive with curves in all the right places. Her dark skin was beautiful and accentuated by flowing dreadlocks.
“Could you take me to the best cafe in town?”
“Certainly sir.”
As she opened the passenger side back door I continued to admire her curves. We started to chat and before I knew it the car stopped and we were in front of “The Cafe”.

“Honey, here you are. This is  “the Cafe”, it is the best cafe in town.”
“How much does I owe you.”
“Anything you think I deserve.” I gave her a 20.
“Will you be back to get me.”
“Just say when.”
“See you sweetie.”
She smiled as I stepped out of the car. It was a mischievous smile, but I ignored it.

I did not remember the trip but I was very happy to be off the boat. I entered the cafe and my day got even better. The sweet, salty, spicy smell of the ocean washed over me as I tried to find a table. The tables were all triangle shaped each with 3 comfortable looking chairs with every person having a view of the ocean. As I sat at a table close to the entrance and looked out onto the ocean I noticed the triangular shape of the cafe. The point directed toward the ocean had a long narrow pier with a several tables. The view was magnificent, but all I could think of was beer. For a moment I thought it too early for a beer.

“White, Red or Beer?” I was puzzled.
“What are you drinking?”
“Beer please.”
He poured a warm pale ale into a chilled mug with just the right amount of froth. I picked it up and the taste transported me to the fine white sand of the beach. After the third beer my bladder started to respond and I needed a restroom. I noticed the bold colors of the restroom sign and quickly followed the directions. I relieved myself and noticed the time. It was half past three and I could only remember drinking beer. I cleaned up and tried to make it back to the table.

“Hey! Hey! Where are you going with my computer? Thief! Stop! where are you going?” Shouting did not seem to make a difference, it seemed as if no one was hearing me. It felt as if I was being ignored. I tried to run but fell and instantly there was the taste of blood in my mouth. I tried to stand but bumped my head on a table. As I rubbed my head I was startled by the hard spot I felt.

“Abe! Abe!” I looked up and noticed that she was shouting at me.
“What happened? Am I dead?”
“Dead? You are dead asleep again. We are going to be late for the excursion.”
“What time is it?”
“It is 9 O’clock and we need to be off the boat by 915am. Let’s go.”

As I got up from the sofa a small bit of paper fell from my fingers. It was a taxi receipt timed at 920am.

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