Sometimes I am not sure what country I am living in. I love the ideals of American democracy, but the truth mostly does not live up to those ideals. In spite of that I am still in love with America. Like my love affair with America, I am never sure where on the political spectrum to sit. Like most Americans I think democracy is the best form of government. However, like so many Americans I don’t sit easily into either major Party. So, I would not consider myself a Republican are a Democrat. I would consider myself a Liberal Libertarian. Now you see my conflict? Hence election time is usually filled with uncertainty.
My election season routine is to do what most of Americans do. I pay very little attention until after the conventions. Like clock work after the conventions someone will make a stupid remark concerning a social issue and that will seal my vote. Yes that is quite shallow and lacking in the contemplation needed to create a great democracy, but it is what it is. I vote on social issues. It is narrow but there is no real difference between the parties.
Both parties are pro big business. Economic policy may seem divergent but the results are the same. Small businesses are given lip service, but are mostly neglected. Individuals are tolerated. The obvious shortcomings are ignored for short-term economic and political gains.

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