In silence the world is expanded and the truth of nature can be revealed. If we talked less and listened more the world would be an improved place. I suggest that we all start our day with five minutes of silence. Find a quiet spot and listen. In those fives minutes listen to nature and contemplate the wonders of the creation. The question of how this creation came about is irrelevant.

In those five minutes close out the man-made world and embrace nature. Listen to the sounds and try to identify the animals around you. There is much more to life than what we see. Seeing is not believing. Our interaction with the world is primarily by sight and it is not enough to create the whole picture that is necessary. Our world view is narrowed by our field of our vision.

As we become more comfortable with silence we can enjoy life more fully. Life is more listening not seeing. Less is more. Talk less and listen more. Be silent and learn. Silence is truly golden. Be quiet and expand your world.

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