One of the most expensive projects in US history was the highway system. This system we all use was born out of the need to rescue the country from the disarray of the private road systems around the country. The private system was expensive for citizens and did not interconnect well. This is where a national government can be helpful. The Federal government took the responsibility and created a system that works. Could you live without it? Do you think the US economy would have been as robust over the last 70 years if there was no easy way to move between large population centers? Do you think it is a great idea to not invest in our country?

Another bridge as collapsed. What are we doing about our failing infrastructure? Those in the political class attempting to return us to the days of privately owned community use infrastructure must be ignorant of history or delight in the prospect of making a profit at the expense of the country. Let us stop complaining about the Chinese owning everything  and start making the hard decisions and invest in the infrastructure that will create long-term success. Let us all remember and celebrate the sacrifices of our veterans by continuing to build an America that works for all. Short-term profits are great, except when it blinds you to long-term failure.


As humans we have a false sense of ourselves. We believe that we as individuals are important. We no longer believe that our planet is the center of the universe, but that science has not informed our view of the individual. Our religious belief that we are the central character in our destiny is elegant, yet simple and without merit. This view has carried over into our view that individual pursuits are important to the state of the world. More importantly, many believe that the individual is more important than the group.

The communists took the view that the individual was not as significant as the group, while the capitalists considered the person to be the center of the universe. Both ideas have some truth, but neither is complete. The truth is somewhere in the middle. An elegant and informative way to see our place in the biosphere is to look at natural occurrences like the current cicada invasion.

The current brood of cicada will descend on the east coast any moment. The sound will be loud and unmistakable. Most of us will hear a loud uncoordinated noise. The truth is that what we hear is generated by 3 different species singing their individual song. The chorus will appear to be homogeneous, but on close inspection it is not. When an individual from each specie is recorded the sound is nothing like that heard from the group. The elegance of the orchestra is lost on us because we see the world not as a group organism but as individuals trying to survive. Each individual sings a precise song that is essential to the mating process. The regeneration of the genome is each individuals only job. If each individual gets it correct the group will survive. If a specific individual does not perform the group will still survive. The individuals will die, but the group survives.
Without the group the individual remains insignificant and without hope. The me card is not just selfish, it is problematic for the survival of the human specie.
What will you do for us today?


The safety and security of my country is in jeopardy. She is not under threat from the outside. The threat unfortunately is domestic. The growing anti science crowd, the growing numbers of ill-informed and the poor quality of leadership. Leaders of the political class are calling for defunding of everything. The private sector wants results without putting any capital at risk. The shortsightedness of cuts to science, technology and education is enough to make me cry. The intellectual dishonesty of defunding the tools of education and then crying that the system does not work is treasonous.
American will remain secure only if all her children have access to great education. All of her children can learn if we are willing to give them the chance to prove themselves. More guns will not secure us, great education for all will.

Would you neglect the education of your child? So, why are we neglecting the education of the most vulnerable among us? The education of our children is completed by them having pairs to challenge them. Europe is yesterdays competition. The sleeping giants have awoken and are working hard on catching up. We are not stationary, but the competition is accelerating while we are decelerating. We need to wake up and invest the time and money needed to ensure that America remains the creative center of the world.

Our challenge is to see that our current system is no longer working. It may work for you, but if your child can only compete with the lesser educational attainment of her local competition she will not be able to survive the coming onslaught. We must make sure all our children are ready for the global competition. The giants of Asia have awoken, South American has awoken and Africa is stretching from a long night. Competition is here to stay. Will American be ready?

I am confident in the resilience of American society, but it is my responsibility to prepare my children for plan B.


In silence the world is expanded and the truth of nature can be revealed. If we talked less and listened more the world would be an improved place. I suggest that we all start our day with five minutes of silence. Find a quiet spot and listen. In those fives minutes listen to nature and contemplate the wonders of the creation. The question of how this creation came about is irrelevant.

In those five minutes close out the man-made world and embrace nature. Listen to the sounds and try to identify the animals around you. There is much more to life than what we see. Seeing is not believing. Our interaction with the world is primarily by sight and it is not enough to create the whole picture that is necessary. Our world view is narrowed by our field of our vision.

As we become more comfortable with silence we can enjoy life more fully. Life is more listening not seeing. Less is more. Talk less and listen more. Be silent and learn. Silence is truly golden. Be quiet and expand your world.