Have you heard that America is an exceptional country? If you have not, I am here to tell you that she is. American exceptionalism is alive well and is the truth. Nowhere in the world can you find this mix of people, tolerance and acceptance. We have become what some of the founders imaged and others opposed. We have become a multi ethnic democracy. We have become a beige nation without many of us noticing. All the talk about white, black and brown and we have not noticed the beiging.

Our pop culture has long ago beiged. We still call it white or black, but outside of these borders others call it all American culture. America is exceptional because we have come through the birth with scars, but we have not been disfigured. We have survived the process as a whole. Where else in the world is this blending happening, more importantly where else will it be allowed to happen?

In spite of the economic challenges we will continue to be the place where the ambitious, hard-working and talented want to make their home. The last hump is to prevent barriers being established. I will posit that those who would establish barriers have already lost. They just have not realized it as yet. America continues to be exceptional because she has an open society and allow all to have access to the means of success. We may not score the highest in all areas, but the goal is not to be the best in every category, but to be competitive in all.

We may not realize it but one of the strongest pillars of America’s continued success is its safety net. The shortsighted and self-centered among us are trying to disassemble the safety net, but they will not. They will not succeed. They will not succeed because American success is dependent on the willingness of the talented to risk  all, knowing that the country will not allow them to fall without a net. Truthfully the net is just above devastation, but there is a net. Success is not guaranteed, but we all believe we will.
We all believe, because we see it happening daily and we know what is needed. Hard work, total commitment and that quest to attain the American Dream.
Yes we can!

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