Sitting here in Starbucks people watching and wondering if I have been dropped into a different world. It seems I am the only person not living in the big leagues. There is an orchard of i-devices everywhere. Each person with at least 2 i-devices while I am spoiling the orchard with other stuff. Additionally a sea of designer glasses and well-tailored outfits engulfs the room. In spite of it all I continue to hold my head up. I am floated a cup of plan coffee and I am thankful.
I feel like a mouse that has been invited to eat from the main table along with the family of the house. As I scan the room my smile gets bigger and I am not noticed. I continue to smile, because I can. I smile because I am living the American dream. I smile because in spite of all the bad, the American dream is still alive and attainable. I smile because America is living up to her potential.

I am hopeful and confident that the bigots have lost. I am certain of their demise and although there are many losses to come, there are more lasting victories ahead. I smile because I am confident that the America my princesses will come of age in will be a more perfection union. I am happy because MLK’s dream has arrived. This progress cannot be reversed. It is here to stay. I am smiling because of sacrifices made. I rejoice because my ancestors made a positive contribution. I am smiling because we the people are creating a more perfect union. The state of our Union is strong, confident and agile.
Why are you smiling today?

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