This was not how I thought my time on this rock would end. I looked over to the lake and only then realized that the alligator was not there. It seems I had missed or the gator and gotten back into the water to died or escape. I was satisfied. I drifted into thought and lost the ringing in my ears and barking of the dogs. I was at peace with this outcome. I closed my eyes and expected the worse. “Honey are you okay?” I looked up and it was Lizzy. I felt relief. I felt like I was in a really bad B movie, but answered “yes”. She called for Marley and Bailey, they stopped barking and the Officers lowered their guns. Bailey and Marley ran over to Lizzy. I was alone.

I felt the warmth of the rising sun on the back of my neck. It felt wonderful and no one could take that joy away. I was jolted by cold metal on my wrists. I was cuffed and taken to a car. My mind started to race and again I noticed that my pants were wet. It was not sweat. I tried to speak but nothing audible came out. After an eternity words started to escape my mouth and I explained the situation. I explained what had happened and proved that I had a permit. As I sat in the back of the cruiser I noticed the long line of cars passing. I tried to count, but only noticed how cross everyone looked. The officer returned and was smiling. I relaxed. The CZ was returned. I was released. It all ended as fast as it had started.

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