The morning after an intense overnight Florida thunderstorm is always refreshing. In spite of the noise of nature I had a  great night. Sleep came easily and was deep and refreshing. I woke just as my alarm was about to jolt me. I waited in bed until it started the low-rise and turned the alarm off so not to wake my princesses. The dogs, Marley and Bailey, were already up and awaiting their early morning walk.


As I listened I could hear the quiet of the early morning. No rain could be heard. The dogs were calling for me. I quickly dressed and meet Marley and Bailey and took off on our walk. This is arguably the best time of the day. Marley and Bailey were my eyes and ears and I got lost in the haze.
As I drifted along my pace quickened to a slow jog, then into a brisk effort to keep up with the dogs. I was brought back to reality by my timer chirping into my ear “first mile complete”. As my consciousness returned I looked up to see the yellowish moon disappearing from the sky. It was a beauty and reminded me that looking up is always worth it. Soon I was back in the haze of nothingness just feeling the air go in and out of my lungs. I felt as if I could run forever.


“Pop, Pop” My tranquility was interrupted by what sounded like fire works. I nearly ran over Marley as he had stopped and started to bark fiercely. I had never heard him so aggressive. He was standing his ground while Bailey was pulling in the opposite direction. As I scanned the area I noticed that a large alligator was running from the Lake in our direction. Instantly I felt the saliva evaporate from my mouth and I was parched and paralyzed. My legs felt like jello and I could not move. My palms where dripping and the world was going in slow motion. Bailey took off and Marley stood firm. There was a warm feeling in my pants and a heaviness on my hip. I could not move but that heaviness was my CZ 75B. I fumbled for what felt like a lifetime before setting it free of the holster. My brain had come back to reality and I acquired my target and fired until the slide locked back. Marley had quieted and I could hear sirens. Bailey was nowhere to be seen or heard. Marley and I sat on the curb and he licked my face as if to comfort me.

6 thoughts on “THE MORNING RUN.

  1. Articulate piece of writing. The start of your first book to be published. 🙂 The sight of an alligator approaching must have been one of the scariest feeling ever. So, was that the first time you fired your CZ 75B at a real target? Marley and Bailey are fantastic! Lori-21

  2. Truth is I have been working on a book, but life has gotten in the way of its completion. I need to focus. The goal is to complete Book number 1 by the end of the year. I just need to sit and type.

    • I will be one of the first persons to purchase your book. Despite your busy life and obligations, set aside at least an hour each week to write. Or have yourself a notebook with you at all times and whenever the thoughts come to you, you just write. You can always type later. Maybe, I’m too traditional, but I find that I usually get better ideas when I’m not putting pressure on myself. Stay focus. You are going to accomplish your goal.

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