As a city dweller you do not realize that the most beautiful art work is above your head. You do not realize because it is obscured by city lights. Then you visit the countryside and you do not realize that you can look up. Once the night sky has been introduced you wonder why you had not looked up before. Most startling is that so few people look up. There is nothing like the joy of the night sky. The beauty and majesty of the creation cannot be denied. The glorious depth and breathe of our galaxy is beyond our imagination. It is beyond our ability to contemplate. All we can do is dream inadequate dreams.

I fell in love with the solar system in the sixth grade, but it took losing our roof on September 12 1988 for me to appreciate the joy of looking into the depth of the star filled night sky. Being able to live under a sky unobstructed by light pollution makes my heart sing. I feel pride when my princesses ask to go out and see the moon and stars on a dark night. Too few of us take the time to look up.

On most nights when I look up I wonder if we are alone. Most nights I know we are not alone. The universe is too vast for humans to be alone. Nature certainly must have played the life card more than once. Is there a single all-knowing creator or is life a result of chance? On most nights I am not sure, but on most nights I know we are here and must enjoy the beauty of our brief existence.

The lifespan of any human individual is not comparable to the age of the universe. The lifespan of  the human species will be just as insignificant. Too few appreciate that scale and on most nights it gives me pause. On most nights I want to spread the joy I receive from being able to look up and see the past.

The scale of time we can measure and appreciate is so narrow as to be truly insignificant. But on most nights I still love thinking about our place in this great machine called the universe. On most nights I get excited by the fact that there are more questions unanswered than answered. On most nights I am excited that my princesses are starting to ask the questions that need to be answered. On most nights I am happy to have my princesses. On most nights I am excited that they are excited about learning. On most nights I see the joy in their eyes and I am happy. On most nights I am certain we are not alone.
On most nights, do you look up?

2 thoughts on “ON MOST NIGHTS

  1. And as the song says, “the stars at night are big and bright..clap, clap, clap, clap deep in the heart of Texas”. And yes I do look up and enjoy them!

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