I am impatient and stubborn and I am working on it. Well, not really. I like being stubborn more that I like being impatient. In spite of that, I like being both. Both traits may seem to be negatives, but they are only negative if the full breath of human endeavor is not evaluated. My primary impatience is with how little respect many of us have for other people’s time. I hate waiting so I stopped using bank tellers in the late 90’s. Internet banking then was slow but still better than standing in a line.
I always opt to do it myself. It has to be done right the first time so no time is lost. I am not a master of all. I know when to call for help.
The people who work closely with me know I have an opinion on most topics and that I am sure that my way is correct. Truth is I am not always correct, but I am willing to do the work to ensure I am correct. I am accepting the stubbornness label because I have been labeled as such. I don’t really think that I am stubborn. I just know that I am right and I will defend my stance even if I am the only person that holds that position. I have done the work, have you. That’s my view, take it or leave.
One of the weaknesses of these two traits is that I don’t delegate well. I chose to become an Anesthesiologist so I would not have to delegate. I am a doer. The general direction of medicine makes delegation a larger and larger part of the practice. I am not sure what are the benefits, except for potential financial rewards. I would love to think it provides improved quality of care. However, that is questionable. Superior quality of care is provided by better trained providers. I am going to keep on being impatient and stubborn because it’s the only way to deliver a high level of care. Do you have a different answer?

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