As I jumped up from bed and scrambled across the room to turn off my alarm I wondered why I was leaving my warm bed. It was 0430 already and I was not ready to get out of bed. I turned off the alarm and tried to get back into bed. As I did, I noticed that the girls were in bed and thankfully still asleep. Waking them would truly be a nightmare. I counted my blessings. Settling into my warm corner of our king sized bed was comforting, but it was time to start the day.

As I walked into the hospital I called the O.R. desk. “Mary where am I assigned this morning?”
“O.R. 1 with Dr Bender doing a Lap. Chole.” “Cool, thanks.” I made my way to the cafeteria and picked up my Rockstar and fruit. The walk to the locker room seemed longer than usual. I fiddled with the lock for longer than I should have, but I finally got the door open. As I changed into scrubs Dr Bender walked in. “Kinda early Doc.” “I have a couple additional cases.” “I am in your room today so, let’s get this day started on time.”

“Ms James, I am Dr Tools and I am going to be your Anesthesiologist today.” “Morning Doc.” “What are we doing for you today?” “Taking my pesky gallbladder.” “Our goal will be to keep you asleep, comfortable and safe. You are young, healthy and low risk.” “Thanks Doc. Let’s get over with it.”

“I am giving you some medication right now and the next thing you will remember is waking up in the recovery room.” “Should I start counting?” “Ms James I am about to take out your breathing tube, take a deep breath.” “I was awake! I was awake! Oh God! I was awake.”

“Glen! wake up!”
“Damn it.”
“It was just a nightmare. Wake up”

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