When the internet came to the people something new and revolutionary was born. For the first time in history the common man was able to connect with others beyond his voice without interference. The internet was and still is a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately we the people are mostly too ill-informed to understand the profound implication of the freedom we have gained. By  nature the internet started out very free and is slowly being buttoned down. Both companies and countries are trying for various reasons to close the system. I don’t want a walled garden, looking at you APPLE. I understand that the internet can be used for illicit reasons but so too can your library or you corrupt local politician.

I default to freedom because I know no other way. I will never give up my freedom for any potential protection. Evolution is working quite well. The fit will survive. The only regulation of the internet I want is that my service provider provides the advertised connection speed and not block any content. Let me defend my household and if I lose the battle it is my fault. I would suggest the nanny nappy State needs to be put out to pasture. One day we will wake up and we will have very little freedom.

Like the myopic view of APPLE, the majority will rejoice because it just works. They will say that the internet is so much safer. Safer does not mean empowering nor freedom. It means it is less free and you are most likely paying more for it. You may not care about your freedom once you have food. However, what happens when you need that unapproved option.
The even more myopic view that it is government that is taking our freedom is shallow, misinformed and stupid. Most of these efforts are from large corporations and their paid politicians. Note I did not say government. Government is the infrastructure used by the politicians. Unfortunately corrupt people have taken the system like they are trying to take the internet and make it work for the top 1% and not the rest of us.
I suggest we wake up from the APPLE lullaby before the last bastion of freedom becomes as hijacked as our political system.
Please stop the complaining and take what you get from the people you vote into office.

Wake up, go vote or not. Just do not complain within earshot.

Thanks, with love always.

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