I am sitting with my girls eating a late lunch and looking out unto a beautiful sunny day. The sky is blue and the Florida fall temperature is just perfect. I can see the gentle waves on Lake Jackson. The many colors of nature are present and beautiful. The joy that can be had from the observation of nature is not often appreciated. I will need more years than current life expectancy to really appreciate the power of nature. We all need more time.

Happily I don’t need to go far to see and hear nature. From my window I can see eagles, hawks, owls, water birds, sandhill cranes and more. My night sky is not blocked out by city lights. I share my love of the night sky with my girls. There is only so much you can pass on to your children and the love of nature is at the top of my list. I want them to know that we are a part of something larger, that we are no better or worse. I want them to be responsible and protect nature in all her forms. Mostly I want them to understand that their actions matter.

We are connected to the world around us in ways we cannot and will not understand today, so we must protect it. If you do not realize the connection you have not truly observed nature. I want my girls to understand the science and philosophy of the world. We are not separate. We are equal. We are responsible and if we do not take our part in the chain seriously the link will break and we too will suffer.

What will your kids see out their window?



As I jumped up from bed and scrambled across the room to turn off my alarm I wondered why I was leaving my warm bed. It was 0430 already and I was not ready to get out of bed. I turned off the alarm and tried to get back into bed. As I did, I noticed that the girls were in bed and thankfully still asleep. Waking them would truly be a nightmare. I counted my blessings. Settling into my warm corner of our king sized bed was comforting, but it was time to start the day.

As I walked into the hospital I called the O.R. desk. “Mary where am I assigned this morning?”
“O.R. 1 with Dr Bender doing a Lap. Chole.” “Cool, thanks.” I made my way to the cafeteria and picked up my Rockstar and fruit. The walk to the locker room seemed longer than usual. I fiddled with the lock for longer than I should have, but I finally got the door open. As I changed into scrubs Dr Bender walked in. “Kinda early Doc.” “I have a couple additional cases.” “I am in your room today so, let’s get this day started on time.”

“Ms James, I am Dr Tools and I am going to be your Anesthesiologist today.” “Morning Doc.” “What are we doing for you today?” “Taking my pesky gallbladder.” “Our goal will be to keep you asleep, comfortable and safe. You are young, healthy and low risk.” “Thanks Doc. Let’s get over with it.”

“I am giving you some medication right now and the next thing you will remember is waking up in the recovery room.” “Should I start counting?” “Ms James I am about to take out your breathing tube, take a deep breath.” “I was awake! I was awake! Oh God! I was awake.”

“Glen! wake up!”
“Damn it.”
“It was just a nightmare. Wake up”


The election is over and these are my thoughts. You may want to skip this one and return next week. I am not given to restraint, but I tried my best to avoid the hot air of cable commentary this cycle. The pain of listening to these imbeciles is akin to having your leg amputated without anesthesia. It can be done but the pain is beyond imagination. That is how I feel about the morons on political TV. I reserve special disdain for the characters of the various FOX outlets. Yes I know, many people get their information from that swamp. I was one of them. However, I woke from my slumber many years ago and you should too. I suggest you turn your TV off and start reading. Don’t read anything from people who are on TV. They know less than you do. It must pass the smell test. Read, read and read. Read and observe the world around you and apply some pragmatism. Ignore your pastor on any issue other than how to make it to heaven. He likely knows less about politics than he knows about God.

This election was not about the economy but about the suicide of the Republican Party. The insistence on cultivating and appealing to white Americas loss of status in the country will continue to narrow the Republican base until it becomes a regional Party. Under the current platform of the Party this election will prove to be the last Presidential race to be remotely competitive. The regional races will still be until the next census and redistricting. The power of the anti-immigrant sentiment has destroyed the Party. There was a time the Party could have been rescued, but that time has already passed without the leaders of the Party noticing. The BUSH brothers saw the writing on the wall but could not convince the old white men of that wisdom. At the time that President Bush 2 proposed immigration reform and the morons in the Party in congress voted it down was the turning point. I then called the death of the Party. The demographics have changed. The Party that gets the Hispanic vote will be in power for a long time.

Immigration is a big deal not just for Hispanics, this is a country of immigrants. The difference today is that they are not all from Northern Europe. The immigration wave is here to stay and it is brown and the color of America has changed forever. There is no going back. The pervasive disrespect for immigrants is unnecessary and will not change the direction of demography. While we were enjoying the cheap labor the laborers were having babies. The babies are now adults with voting rights and will not vote into office politicians that will further disadvantage their parents, aunts and uncles. The Republican Party needs to embrace the reality and stop fighting it. Those who want to fight should be eased or kicked out of the party. Evolve or die. There are enough people who hold these views and they deserve a party too. Yes, go start a real third-party and advocate for America of the past.

Truth be told I love aspects of the Republican party, but the lunatic fringe has taken power and I cannot in good conscience vote for them. I have daughters, a wife, a mother and I refuse to dis-empower them. I am a black man and refuse to give up what my ancestors have bled for. If the Party continues to tolerate those for which rape is an act of god or those that deny science I cannot support them. I have found a Republican I could vote for, but a vote for a Republican candidate with a brain cell brings too many without. For that reason I did not vote Republican. I continue to love and support my country. I do not want a defacto one Party State. So, I truly look forward to the day when the Party of my first love returns to its roots. I would suggest the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan and Bush 1. When that Party returns I’ll consider being an undecided voter.


When the internet came to the people something new and revolutionary was born. For the first time in history the common man was able to connect with others beyond his voice without interference. The internet was and still is a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately we the people are mostly too ill-informed to understand the profound implication of the freedom we have gained. By  nature the internet started out very free and is slowly being buttoned down. Both companies and countries are trying for various reasons to close the system. I don’t want a walled garden, looking at you APPLE. I understand that the internet can be used for illicit reasons but so too can your library or you corrupt local politician.

I default to freedom because I know no other way. I will never give up my freedom for any potential protection. Evolution is working quite well. The fit will survive. The only regulation of the internet I want is that my service provider provides the advertised connection speed and not block any content. Let me defend my household and if I lose the battle it is my fault. I would suggest the nanny nappy State needs to be put out to pasture. One day we will wake up and we will have very little freedom.

Like the myopic view of APPLE, the majority will rejoice because it just works. They will say that the internet is so much safer. Safer does not mean empowering nor freedom. It means it is less free and you are most likely paying more for it. You may not care about your freedom once you have food. However, what happens when you need that unapproved option.
The even more myopic view that it is government that is taking our freedom is shallow, misinformed and stupid. Most of these efforts are from large corporations and their paid politicians. Note I did not say government. Government is the infrastructure used by the politicians. Unfortunately corrupt people have taken the system like they are trying to take the internet and make it work for the top 1% and not the rest of us.
I suggest we wake up from the APPLE lullaby before the last bastion of freedom becomes as hijacked as our political system.
Please stop the complaining and take what you get from the people you vote into office.

Wake up, go vote or not. Just do not complain within earshot.

Thanks, with love always.