After noticing Leo, I took a quick look around the room. It was a small room with a large oval table made of what looked like wood. Additionally a large oversized chair and nine stools were packed in. The room was bare and dimly light. “Is this real wood?” “It is.” Mr Spice answered and I realized I was speaking aloud. “It is over a century old.” I was puzzled. I had never seen real wood before. Matt sat on the stool next to me and did not seem as surprised. Mr Spice was ready to get me up to speed but I was not ready. He started to speak but all I heard was blah, blah, blah. “The birth of Kelly was the sign that it was time for us to take back our rightful place in the cosmos.” “Rightful place?” I then noticed I was not the only person lost. The eight other blank faces made me even more concerned. It seems only Mr Spice knows what is happening. He continued, “Humanity moved to this planet five hundred years ago from a planet five light-years away.” We all just listened as he spoke of the early days and how all people planned for was the return trip. The room became dark and he started some kind of projection on the wall. In big bold letters it read, “TRIP HOME”. The narrator had a deep melodic voice, unlike the mechanical sounds in the announcements I was used to in the city.
As the display ended I was surprised that I had never heard any of this before. “Let me get this right, fifty near-light ships left Earth and colonized this planet? Why is it the first I am hearing of this?” My question was politely ignored as Mr Spice started to pass around keys to our accommodations. I was uneasy with the obvious lack of an answer, but I ignored it for the moment. The conference room door swung open and Mr Spice instructed us to follow our guide to our accommodations.

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