Matt was taking too long to get back to us. “Matt!” No answer. I told the others to remain by the Trans while I find him. I pulled and charged my sidearm. As I squeezed by the Trans it came into view. A yellowish light in the distance. I’d never seen that before but recognized it from the old VR movies. It was the ID light of a mark 3 synth. The light was pointed directly at me, there was nowhere to hide. I froze. My head was spinning, I couldn’t think or stand or talk. I just collapsed, but didn’t make it to the ground. Matt caught me. “Matt, what is going on?” “That’s Leo with the light.” “As in Light Enabled Ordinance?” “Yes.” “What!” “All your questions will be answered later. We need to get out of here.” “What about the others.” “They will be fine.” “I called Detrans and they will be here in a few minutes. Lets go.” “I’m trusting you on this Matt.”

He helped me up and we walked toward the yellow-light and hopped into a shaft off the main tubeway. We crawled for about 60 meters and suddenly it was as bright as if we were above ground. Matt climbed down the ladder and I followed. I was surprised at how large Leo was and that he fit into the shaft. As my eyes adjusted I noticed the dimensions. It was huge. Matt seemed as surprised as I was and I was relieved.

Suddenly the room began to fill and my pulse began to rise with the increase in numbers. “Welcome Matt, it’s a pleasure to finally meet. Kelly, welcome. My name is Spice and I have waited 100 years for this day. Welcome to Latte.” As he said 100 years, there was a tightness in my chest. I knew what this was and my day just went to earth. I just then noticed that my sidearm was gone and that Matt didn’t have one either. 100 years ago I was born and at 38 my DNA time capsule was activated. I was in the lab, the room went dark and I woke up in the med lounge. They told me that I had to be sedated and that I had been there for the last 2 hours just moaning. I meet Matt 2 weeks after my 38th year and we have been friends since. He helped me with my nightmares and I finally was able to remember what happened during my blackout.

Matt’s coding skills were vital in helping me re-assemble my memories. He assembled the code that unlocked the DNA time capsule. It was some clever code. It allowed me to use my eyes to project my thoughts. We played the message at my place and he made a ultra-high definition VR copy. It all started to come back in a rush. I could see the message. Dad was saying,”Kelly we love you and wish for you the best in life and hope to be there for your big day.” I felt as if I couldn’t control myself. I reached for Matt and he held my hand. “Matt what is going on.” “You’ll figure it out. You always do.” Matt spoke for me again. “Mr Spice, could we take this private and bring Kelly up to date?” “Lets do that.” I held onto Matt tightly and followed him closely.”

As we entered the room there was Leo. It/He/She was much smaller that I thought. Them I remembered the stories that LEO’s where the first synths made completely of morphic nanotubes making them able to reshape themselves as the situation needed. The technology was abandoned 80 years or so ago because of emerging sentience.

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