As the warm coffee touched my lips I recoiled from its luck-warmness and spilt it on my lab coat. There goes the wash budget. Before I finished the thought Cleaner was over sucking the black stuff off my coat. Good thing I have enough credit otherwise Enforcer would be here just as fast to take something of equal value from my flat. That would be a challenge since I lost so much last month that I maybe the only thing of value here. Bang! Bang! Bang! “Kelly! are you in there. We are late.” It sounded like a recording, but that was Matt rousing me from my early morning daydream. “Let’s go! We are going to be late.” As I stumble to my feet I trip over Jolly, my five-year old German Shepherd and remembered that she has not been feed. As she doesn’t eat much I grabbed a packet ripped it open and poured all in one go. “there sweetie, keep us safe.”

Thirty seconds in the sun shader. Fingerprint matched and loaded my sidearm. Beep! Beep! Beep! aGPS checks me out. As I materialized in the hallway, I check my timer and noticed I had posted my best time from knock to out, 99 seconds. “Cool miss thing, that must be good for some credits. Lets get to work.”
Our building was over 100 years old but still in good shape. Best of all the stairs where still open, functional and free. We ran down from the thirteenth floor and push the heavy blast door open and dropped into the empty alley. The distinct unevenness of the brick surface calms me. But as I look left I see the mass of humanity pouring through the street and despair overshadows me. “I’m going to need a drink.” Matt doesn’t respond and I understand why. I was twenty years sober.
As we crash into the heavy burden of bodies we make it to the Hub just in time for the last morning Trans. “Damn!” Matt catches my hand and pulls me up to prevent me getting trampled or worse vaporized by the Conductor. “Thanks, I wont be here everyday to rescue you Kelly.” “I’ll get it together someday.” We load the small integrated Trans that carries twenty. Immediately I pull out my wet bag and empty my stomach and soon felt a thump. It felt as if the Trans was making yet another unscheduled stop. “This is why we are going to be late.” As I open my eyes I notice the darkness and instantly smell the pungency of synthetic skin.
“Matt! are you ok? “Yeah.” “Wonder what happened.” “Hopefully we are not here for too long.”

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