Democracy is what we make of it. It defines a society that allows its members to express themselves without the fear of state intervention. I am glad to have lived my entire life in societies that have consistently respected the precepts of democratic life. There is no perfect democracy and so we should be continually pushing for improvement.
How do we push? I consider indirect pushing to be better that direct action. By indirect action what do I mean? I mean societal growth via education formal and informal. The growth of our society is dependent on maturation of community thought. Maturity comes with education of our children. How we educate our youngest shows the direction of the society.
Education should not and is not about proving job skills. It is about proving the skills our children need to effectively protect our collective freedoms from the few who would want us be less free. Fundamental to this is the freedom of and from religion. Your religion should not impair mine nor should it be imposed on me. I should be allowed without consequence to reject all religion as much as I should be able to have the freedom to celebrate my choose religion.
We all need to be vigilant about what we pass along to our kids. Lets not pass alone our intolerance. Give them the best of us and the world will have the chance to be a better place for us all.

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