Success is about meeting your internal goals. It is about achieving those things that are going to give you options. With attaining those internal goals comes joy, peace and happiness. Success is not about chance. It is about preparation meeting opportunity.
Preparation is learning to work smarter than harder. If someone tells you success is about hard work, turn and run. Hard work is for the less well prepared and if you want to succeed you want to be prepared at all times. Preparation means knowing how the world works, knowing who to ask, when to ask and how to evaluate the answers. All answers are not created equal. The only route to lasting success is via education. Where you get that education is not as important as getting it. Your education should inspire you to continually ask questions. You should never arrive at a point where you know all the answers. Keep friends that push you to acquire new knowledge, because knowledge is power and anyone pushing you to grow is helping you to succeed. Learn because knowledge is power, acquire a new skill because it’s fun. Read the classics because context is important. Work at the limit of your knowledge, because only in stretching can we grow. Listen to new music. Listen to someone you disagree with, because we all have some of the truth. Run from people who are unwilling to change when the facts change. Run from people who are proud to never have changed their minds on anything.
Like an athlete work smart and hard on your strengths and smarter and harder on your weakness. Work because you have a corner full of people who want you to  succeed. Work because only you know what success means. Work because it is your pleasure to run with the Cheetah and hunt with the Lion. Succeed because your preparation has met opportunity and you are enjoying your work.

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